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Teluk Intan - Medan Selera Glutton square "The 58 Stalls"

Teluk Intan is a town which you can find a variety of foods. 
If you are a visitor, 
you might wonder what and where to eat but don’t worry, this is why we are here!
Are you ready to get salivated? 
Please bring a pack of tissue with you as we are ready to go! 

We are pleased to give you more information as you can decide what you are going eat, 
gently feed yourself and finally, swallow them with enormous satisfaction.

Let us introduce you the largest and well-known hawker centre which is located right at the center of Teluk Intan – “The 58 Stalls” in Gutton Square.

The 58 Stalls!

Now, please allow us to let you have a peek at how “The 58 Stalls” looks like. 
Opps, do you just lose your appetite? 
Sorry about that, you are still in the middle of the time tunnel but don’t worry you are approaching the exit.

That was how "The 58 Stalls" looked like before the year 2009,
with pieces of zinc plate covered as roofing materials and steel as pillars to support the buildings.


On 13th February 2009, “
The 58 Stalls” began its reconstruction in order to provide us a more spacious eating area and a more eye-catching appearance. The newly built hall had enlightened both hawkers and diners.

 Temporary 58 Stalls

During the reconstruction,

the hawkers were moved to the temporary stalls provided.
Medan Selera Glutton square "The 58 Stalls"

In March 2009, 
the reconstruction of “The 58 Stalls” was put an end so it was ready to allure more visitors and undoubtedly the locals as well. 
Among all, foods are to be sold in 27 stalls and drinks in 6 stalls.

[Here we begin our Delicieux Journey!]

Among us, there are some famous super-stars. But among The 58 Stalls, there are some superfamous-foods!

After we had conducted a research,

we found that certain newspapers company had introduced these stalls several times.

Now let’s have a try on it!

[Stall 43 - Heong Kee Chicken Rice]

We are
attracted by a fragrant smell when we first step in the 58 Stalls. we
unconsciously walked toward its direction

without being control.

Finally, we found the stall number 43, Heong Kee Chicken Rice

 There is a lot of brown color roasted crispy chicken.
Saliva is brimming out from our mouth!

Chicken rice was served right after we order.

What an efficient service!


Normal chicken rice - RM3.50
Rice with chicken breast - RM3.50
Rice with chicken drumstick - RM4.00

~First of all, take one mouthful of rice.

You will smell the fragrance of the rice while you are chewing the rice.
~The chicken is just a normal look compared to the stalls you went normally.
BUT you can differentiate it once you put it into your mouth.

~It tastes very SOFT and FRESH in every parts of chicken, no matter it is chicken breast or drumstick.

The proprietor of stall 43: Mrs Low Chat Mui
Operating year: 13 years
Business hour: 4 8 p.m.

Cheese ! Cliff pictured with Mrs Low

Newspaper describer describe it as the daily food which simple but the best

*As a reminder, the chicken rice is probably sold out everyday before 8 pm. If you want to have a try on it, you must go there as early as possible. If not, you might lose the chance to taste the chicken rice there!


[Stall 44, Heong Kee Wan Tan Mee]

This shop which just beside the chicken rice shop and guesses what….

This shop is owned by the same owner of the chicken rice shop, but this stall is taken care by her husband.

The stall is neat and clean
Oh ! KS felt so shy

The proprietor of stall 43: Mr Chan Soon Yin
Operating year: up to 50 years (Mr Chan is the one who continue his family business.)
Business hour: 3.00p.m. To 8.00 p.m.

We order two different special noodles

which suggested by Mr Chan right after the conversation.

He starts to cook for us immediately.

A skillful parabolic cooking

Worker working hardly without wasting a single minutes

 Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee - RM3.50

~The outlook of Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee is so ATTRACTIVE.

~The noodles is rich of curry paste, it ensure you to taste the curry in every single bite

~It is a perfect match with soy sauce and curry.

~It taste sweet at first and curry is tasted after whenever you eat.

~The curry chicken is CHEWY and FRESH!!

{The ingredients of curry chicken are chicken, potatoes, Lemongrass, curry powder and others.}

You might fully satisfied with only one plates of it.

 Chicken Feet Wan Tan Mee - RM3.00

~Chicken Feet Wan Tan Mee is makes by mixing the Wan Tan Mee and the stewed chicken feet.

~The stewed chicken feet might not have an attractive outlook,

but when you have a bite on it,

you will find the answer that you would not stop yourself from eating.

~You will taste the JUICY chicken feet with aromatic smell when you eat together with the mee.

~You will not regret with it, but you will complain


BECAUSE It is too Delicious!!

[Stall22, Yong Dau Fu Kari Soup Mee]

We found a stall number 22 at the last row of the 58 Stalls which is operated by two men.

Proprietor of stall 22: Mr Ah Yong and Mr Ah Chair
Operating year: more than 30 year.
Business hour: 9.00pm

 4 different types of soup that we manage to capture!

Ah Yong in busy mode

This stall selling the foods that we normally eat in daily life.

But the daily sells in this stall could reach 200 or more!

What is the reason that makes the foods here so special?

Are you curious about the taste?

Do not worry, we will tell you more about it.
Mee Hun Soup - RM3.00

Mee Hun Soup in a closer look.

Mee Hun Soup is one of the top sells in their shop

and it is just cost RM3.00 for each bowl,

It looks simple,

but the combination of chicken, bean sprout,

and some scallion makes a perfectly match.

And it is

suitable for anyone who love light taste on food.

It looks DELICIEUX rite?

[Curry Lao Shu Fen]
Curry Lao Shu Fen - RM 3.00

~The side ingredients enrich the taste in your

every single bite.

~The Curry is rich of coconut milk, it change the  curry taste into a little bit salty.

~ The fragrance of curry is especially delicious which neutralize by coconut milk.

~It is not spicy, this is great for those people who unable to take spicy food.

This is a chance for them to have a try!

Do you satisfy with the main dishes?

Still craving for food?

It’s time to have snacks!

The old and traditional handmade deep-fried dough sticks.

[Stall 52,Huan Hee Yu Cha Kui]

You may tried the deep-fried dough sticks with coffee,

You may also try the deep-fried dough sticks with porridge before.

But you probably might not try deep-fried dough sticks with Curry before.

You might think that is that taste weird?

In facts, it is totally not! 

The deep-fried dough sticks had completely absorbed the curry soup.

It carried curry soup in every single bite

It may definitely fulfill your desire of eating snacks after meal!

Wondering where to get Fried Bread Stick?
You just need to walk to the front corner of hawker center. You will see the stall number 52,

“Huan Hee Yu Cha Kui” as show in the picture above.

The total of 5 types of snacks is showing right at the top.

Deep-fried dough sticks

Fried Bread with sesame,

Fried sweet bean paste,

Ma Hua fried,

Salty pancake,

Fried sweet dough sticks.

Each of the snakes is just RM0.70!
Snacks are neatly displayed

A small table for an immediate calculation..

She welcomes us with a big harmony smile

Proprietor of stall 52: Mrs Siu Huan Hi
operating year: 3 year.
Business hour: 3p.m. to 10p.m.
The process is just like hand dancing on the table.

We can’t even divert our attention from her.


Cutting the dough into strips

The worker put the strips into deep hot oil immediately.

The strips are fried and change into an attractive

golden brown color.

The whole process is done within two minutes.

She owns the skill to produce snacks faster then others.

Besides, she also uses the best ingredients for her snacks too!

This is the reason of being famous in Teluk Intan.

The temptation is so difficult to resist!
We will take no refusal to eat more if our stomach could fit more!

[Stall 40 and 41,Do Re Mi]

Feel thirsty after whole day eating?

And staying in the hot weather?

It’s time to quench your thirst.

Lo Lo - RM 3.20

The water-ice which is cover by concentrated honeydew juice.

The feeling is so good when the ice cold lo lo slowly dissolve in your mouth.

With the topping of sagu, watermelon and honeydew.

By mixing up all the ingredients with honeydew juice,

It provide you an enjoyment of paradise !

Ai Yee Pin - RM2.80

The water-ice which cover by palm and lime juice

with the topping cube jellywatermelon and lychee.

Homemade jelly is pad under the ice.

It taste so fresh and cold !

It can definitely fulfill your needs of thirst !

Hawaii Ais - RM2.40

The Hawaii Ais which topping with rambutanpineapple and watermelon.

It is quite a simple looking water-ice.

But the taste sweet and sour had successfully draw our attention on it.

We just can't stop eating !

The front view of the stall 40,41

The proprietor of stall 40,41: Mr Tan Kok Kheng
operating year: up to 50 years
Business hour: 1.30p.m.-10.30p.m.

Stall number 40 which mainly use for storing fruits.

Stall number 41 is mainly use for producing

The side ingredients are arrange neatly on the table

Yummy !

The group photo that we take with Mr Tan and his worker

In the end of journey,
the sky is getting darker.

The Grand Teluk Intan Clock Tower start its light show,

turning into the unique night mode.

We say goodbye to Teluk Intan after the amazing light performance.



Here is a map that you can easily found at Google map.

and the "58 stalls" is just at the corner of Jalan Pasir Bedamar.

You just follow the arrow that provided in the map above.

A Tips for GPS users. 
Teluk Intan is still an incomplete map in GPS nowadays,
so you may search on "interest place gutton square".
after that the GPS will show you the road to the destination.

Have a nice trip!


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